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Drone Enterprises, Manufacturers, and Experts to Participate in Elevate UAV Summit by Drone Nerds

<strong>Drone Enterprises, Manufacturers, and Experts to Participate in Elevate UAV Summit by Drone Nerds</strong>

Leading organizations and experts in the UAV technology space are set to participate in the first-ever industry conference led by Drone Nerds, the Elevate UAV Summit. The conference is a premier event designed to connect drone manufacturers, developers, pilots, enthusiasts, and enterprises. 

From agriculture to construction, public safety, and energy, industries worldwide are leveraging innovative drone technology, transforming their workflows for more agile production, safer operations, and comprehensive decision-making. Drones are designed to create impact, disrupt traditions, shift mindsets, and most importantly, create a safer future where we can use technology for the greater good.

As UAV technology becomes widely accepted and used in commercial settings, new innovations emerge to help optimize how the world works.  As a leading drone service provider and retailer, Drone Nerds is bringing together leading industry partners to offer speaking sessions, forums, and presentations on some of the UAV technology.

“Our aim is for businesses, organizations, and individuals to discover the latest UAV solutions, connect with experts, and network with organizations driving change with drone technology. Drones are powerful tools that can impact the world by optimizing the way we operate,” states Jeremy Schneiderman, Drone Nerds’ CEO. 

The Elevate UAV Summit will be held on July 26-27, 2023 at the FIU Biscayne Bay Kovens Conference Center in North Miami, FL. 

Organizations or experts that wish to participate in the Elevate UAV Summit can connect with the event organizers at support@elevateuavsummit.com or submit an application at elevateuavsummit.com