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Drone competition open to area students

Drone competition open to area students

Registration is now open for a first-ever drone competition for middle, high school, and college students from across the area to be held at the Pitsco Idea Shop in Block22, downtown Pittsburg, Kansas. 

The competition is a partnership between Pitsco Education and Pittsburg State University. Enrollment will be capped at 32 teams of two to three students each; registration will close on March 17. 

How it will work 

Using drones on loan from Pitsco and $200 in complimentary supplies given to each team, the students will work in the weeks leading up to competition to create a drone mission and field elements, or obstacles, in a 10-foot by 20-foot netted drone arena. Practice space may be reserved beginning March 2. 

Teams also will pilot drones in missions developed by other teams. They’ll each be judged by Pitsco Idea Shop staff on their drone mission and field elements, as well as their demonstrated flying skills as they complete other teams’ drone missions. 

There will be no age categories; all ages will complete the same challenge. 

“We’re proud to partner with Pitt State to provide an opportunity for students to solve challenges with creativity, critical thinking, and engineering skills that they may not otherwise have the resources to try,” said Matt Frankenbery, vice president of education at Pitsco. 

Registration is free and may be completed at pitscoideashop.com 

The competition 

Preliminary, semi-final, and final rounds will be held in late March through mid-April. Winning teams will be awarded prizes.