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Drink Local Think Global Craft Beer Week

Drink Local Think Global Craft Beer Week

Breweries across the nation are coming together to provide clean water to those in need, and it’s a party! Taprooms will be filled, kegs will be emptied, and clean water will be provided to those in need.

Breweries will donate 2%-6.63% of taproom sales for that week to provide clean water to those in need.

This October, breweries around the nation are dedicating one week to helping make an impact on the global water crisis. 663 Million people do not have access to clean water, and 2,000 children die every day from disease caused by unclean water. The craft beer community is joining forces to help make an impact on this heartbreaking truth. Breweries like Boulevard Brewing Company, Infusion Brewing, and many more are dedicating between 2% and 6.63% of their taproom sales between October 21st and October 27th.

Drink Local Think Global (DLTG) is an organization dedicated to providing clean water to those in need by engaging the craft beer industry. DLTG Craft Beer Week will give breweries the opportunity to make an impact on the global water crisis while also filling their taprooms with craft beer lovers, bringing their local community together, and most importantly—having a great time.

DLTG Craft Beer Week is expected to consist of hundreds of breweries across the country, giving craft beer lovers the opportunity to drink local beer that is making a worldwide impact. This will be a fun-filled week that will encourage locals to go into their community taprooms to try new beers, and it will also provide an estimated 2,500 people access to sustainable sources of clean water.

For more information, to become a brewery partner, or to donate to the cause, visit www.drinklocalthinkglobal.org.