LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Donan Engineering Co., Inc. today announced plans to open a new office in the Kansas City, Missouri area. Donan will begin offering forensic investigative services from the new location on August 1, 2011. The office will be located in the Overland Park, Kansas, area and will service the western portion of Missouri and the eastern portion of Kansas.

“As Donan continues to look for exciting opportunities for our expansion efforts, the Kansas City area is a natural fit for our company,” says Kevin B. Abell, Donan Engineering’s chief sales and marketing officer. “We are constantly looking for places where our clients would benefit from having another option for serving their forensic needs. The Kansas City area is already a place where we are doing some work from our St. Louis, Missouri, office, so this is will enable us to more quickly and cost-effectively respond to our customer needs in the area.”

Abell went on to say, “By having another office on the western edge of Missouri, we feel much better about our ability to respond in a timely manner to any situation throughout the state. This is one of the key ways we are able to provide the industry-leading customer service and speedy turnaround time our clients expect from their forensic engineering and fire investigation vendors. Our approach of having more offices in closer proximity makes it much more efficient for investigative staff to get to and from loss locations.”

Donan Engineering offers consumers a single source for forensic engineering investigations and fire origin & cause investigations. The firm offers a wide array of services falling under the main categories of structural engineering investigations, fire and explosion origin & cause investigations, roofing investigations, and component testing.
Donan Engineering is a third-generation, family-owned engineering firm that was founded in 1947 in Madisonville, Kentucky. From 1947 until 1999, the firm focused on providing mostly conventional engineering services (civil, structural, environmental, mining, architecture, etc.). In 1999, with approximately 20 employees in four offices, the decision was made to focus exclusively on the forensic engineering and fire investigation industry. In 2005, the firm relocated its company headquarters to Louisville, Kentucky.

With Donan Engineering’s eight new office openings in 2011, the firm will have 35 offices spread out over 19 states. Currently, the firm employs approximately 190 employees, and that number is anticipated to grow to approximately 210 by the end of the year. In 2010, the firm completed approximately 22,000 forensic investigations for a client base consisting primarily of insurance companies, attorneys, commercial property owners and businesses, manufacturers, utilities, and homeowners. For a list of Donan’s office locations, please visit www.donan.com/locations.