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Dodge Construction Central 2.0: An Integrated Solution Suite of the Industry’s Largest Datasets Now Accessible via One Platform

Dodge Construction Central 2.0: An Integrated Solution Suite of the Industry’s Largest Datasets Now Accessible via One Platform

Dodge Construction Network today announced its new platform Dodge Construction Central 2.0, the industry’s most comprehensive construction data solution. The new product integrates the critical construction industry content within Dodge Data & Analytics, The Blue Book Network, IMS and Sweets into one platform and interface.

Featuring an intuitive, highly customizable user interface, DCC 2.0 provides a new way to access and leverage data using increased business intelligence capabilities. DCC 2.0 drives better business and sales outcomes by tightly integrating contact management capabilities directly into the platform, surfacing previously undetectable connections and relationships within geographic markets, building categories,  and even specific construction projects.

 “The building process has remained largely unchanged for 15 or 20 years. However, in that time, the world has changed and innovated around the industry,” said Dan McCarthy, president and CEO of Dodge Construction Network. “Construction and building is making dramatic strides in both technology and processes, but the industry must move more quickly. We’re on the cusp of a new era of construction; one reliant upon digital transformation and close collaboration. Dodge Construction Central 2.0 is a catalyst for empowering and accelerating this change for everyone in the AEC industry, big and small.”


Simplifying the Construction Process

 DCC 2.0 was designed specifically to facilitate new connections and relationships using enhanced data models and business intelligence. Users can now send invitations to bid directly within the platform to others in the network. Utilizing on-the-go accessibility, users can also view bid invitations they have received wherever and whenever they want. The solution set addresses the challenge of how best to leverage the right tools and maximize data to gain the right insights at the right time and ensure reliable growth and profitability for all.

Within DCC 2.0, users have access to a dashboard personalized  unique to their needs, bringing the most important and relevant data and information directly to them, instead of searching and guessing at what they may need. DCC 2.0 empowers users to:

  • Access accurate and timely intelligence, eliminating the guesswork in construction
  • Find and work with the project and company data that is most relevant to their business
  • Connect with other commercial construction professionals and businesses, developing a network of preferred partners
  • Gather insight into ongoing projects, plans, specifications, and addenda to support a bidding process
  • Promote their brand to bidding projects to improve win ratios

“Dodge Construction Central 2.0 is the most empowering digital tool to reach construction yet,” said Steve Masters, senior vice president of product for Dodge Construction Network. “By taking the industry’s best, most expansive database, integrating in key capabilities from critical suites within the pre-construction lifecycle, and putting it on one bespoke platform, we are motivating companies at every level and size to collaborate more effectively.. DCC 2.0 is exactly like construction — built on successful relationships.”

Built from the largest datasets in the construction industry, Dodge Construction Central 2.0 delivers the most accessible, actionable content, including networks, project data, company and product catalogs in one destination.

About Dodge Construction Network: Dodge Construction Network leverages an unmatched offering of data, analytics, and industry-spanning relationships to generate the most powerful source of information, knowledge, insights, and connections in the commercial construction industry. The company powers four longstanding and trusted industry solutions—Dodge Data & Analytics, The Blue Book Network, Sweets, and IMS—to connect the dots across the entire commercial construction ecosystem. Together, these solutions provide clear and actionable opportunities for both small teams and enterprise firms. Purpose-built to simplify the complex, Dodge Construction Network ensures that construction professionals have the information they need to build successful businesses and thriving communities. With over a century of industry experience, Dodge Construction Network is the catalyst for modern commercial construction.