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DIRTT announces Cornerstone Partnership with the American Institute of Architects

DIRTT announces Cornerstone Partnership with the American Institute of Architects

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CALGARY, Alberta (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — DIRTT Environmental Solutions Ltd. (“DIRTT” or the “Company”) (NASDAQ: DRTT, TSX: DRT), an interior construction company that uses proprietary software to design, manufacture and install fully customizable environments, has joined the American Institute of Architects (AIA) as a Cornerstone Partner.

Through collaboration and partnerships like these, spaces are being intentionally designed and purposefully constructed for the modern human experience. Focusing on personalization, flexibility, and adaptability, the design community is being called on to create and adapt space at an unprecedented rate. Designers, architects, and contractors must help rethink how space is built to make it a more inclusive experience.

Commenting on the initiative, Luke Dawson, vice president, Brand & Strategic Marketing stated “DIRTT and the AIA have a shared commitment to drive positive change through the power of design. The goal of this partnership is to grow awareness about how architects can harness the infinite design freedom provided by industrialized construction, creating experiences that stand the test of time and easily change with it.”

Central to that resilience is how we use technology to enable those environments.

“Technology continues to advance understanding within the design community of how people experience space and collaborate,” says Mark Greffen, DIRTT’s chief technology officer.

Architecture, engineering, and construction software, like DIRTT’s ICE® platform, enables stakeholders to connect to their designs from anywhere in the world, providing the opportunity to conceptualize a space before starting construction and make instant, accurate, and informed spatial modifications.

As an AIA Cornerstone Partner, DIRTT will advocate for the integration and adoption of industrialized construction as part of design conversations to create workplaces focused on flexibility and adaptive functionality.

DIRTT has made significant investments in the architectural community and will continue elevating these initiatives across AIA’s membership.

  • Launched a new state-of-the-art flagship Experience Center in Dallas, designed in association with Gensler, and refreshing its Experience Center in Chicago, with Ware Malcolm
  • Developed a leading editorial platform called make.space providing monthly perspectives and latest insights on design and construction
  • Published the second issue of its Iconoclast magazine, focused on ‘Why Adaptable Design Matters’ featuring leading figures in research, industrial design, interior design and organizational strategy
  • Sponsored ThinkLab’s Design Hackathon on product specification in a hybrid world, a six-month cross-functional generative research, survey data from over 1,200 design leaders
  • Hosted and continue to welcome national, regional, local firms and AIA chapters at its annual Connext event, corresponding with Chicago’s Neocon tradeshow in October
  • Created new digital resources and tools to support inspiration and workflow specification