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Digital Transformation Journeys: The What, Why, and How

Digital Transformation Journeys: The What, Why, and How

IMAGINiT Technologies

Every business is unique, so when it comes to digital transformation, the journey is different for every organization. The good news is that technologies like cloud computing now enable small and medium companies to adopt new capabilities that used to only be accessible to large enterprises with big IT budgets. 

There are several reasons why businesses of all sizes are forging ahead with digital transformation: 

  • Competitive advantage. Digital transformation can help organizations fend off new market entrants, as well as attract and retain employees. Digital tools help companies get products and projects to market faster, enable teams to work more efficiently, and improve both customer and employee satisfaction. 
  • Improved efficiency and reduced waste. Digital solutions and integrated systems eliminate repetitive data entry. Information can be entered once then leveraged throughout the entire lifecycle of a product or project. Automation frees employees to work on more important work.
  • Stronger collaboration. One of the benefits of digital transformation is the ability for employees to work anytime and anywhere they have access to Wi-Fi. It’s easy for teams to collaborate with internal and external partners.
  • A culture of innovation. Digital transformation liberates organizations to be more innovative and creative. Companies can redefine offerings from standalone products to solutions with integrated services.

IMAGINiT recently worked with Advanced Drainage Systems (ADS) to improve turnaround times for quotes and projects. To achieve this goal, the company which builds sustainable underground water storage systems, was considering two options: hiring as many as 20 more engineers or implementing technology to operate more efficiently and generate long-term cost savings. IMAGINiT and ADS developed a set of web and desktop tools that automate the design process for creating drainage system layouts and models. Self-service tools enable customers to create job-specific designs on their own, without assistance from engineering teams. 

WireCrafters, the nation’s top producer of wire partition products, also partnered with IMAGINiT to replace a 2D AutoCAD-based system with a new platform that would produce high quality proposals and products, while also accounting for special site conditions. WireCrafters adopted standardized engineering tools for fast and flexible 3D design. In addition, they deployed fast quoting tools for sales, automated manufacturing and documentation capabilities, and web-based configuration and model viewing tools. The company, which is known for its high-quality proposals and high-quality customized products, has implemented a foundation of technologies that will help it remain a market leader for years to come.

Getting Started on Your Digital Transformation Journey

If your team is considering a digital transformation, here are a few best practices to keep in mind. To be successful, these initiatives require a champion, as well as executive sponsorship. 

It’s also a good idea to form a digital team that can help plan and execute the organization’s digital transformation strategy. This should include standards for data processes and security, as well as a list of automation opportunities. 

Partnering with an expert like IMAGINiT can accelerate progress on a digital transformation project.