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Digger Specialties Extends its Westbury® Brand to Include Columns 

Digger Specialties Extends its Westbury® Brand to Include Columns 

Westbury the Trusted name in Building Products now includes Westbury Columns. Digger Specialties Inc. (DSI), a leading manufacturer of building materials, offers an in-depth selection of beautiful, durable, and functional columns that provide upscale curb appeal to porches, front entryways, or exteriors of residential homes and commercial properties.

Digger Specialties, Inc, – The Column Solutions Company

Westbury Columns include a full line of columns including aluminum, composite, and fiberglass as well as aluminum and vinyl support posts. A variety of aesthetic column designs can be selected which include round, raised and recessed panels, craftsman, square, and fluted columns. Westbury aluminum columns are available in 12 standard colors. Westbury structural and non-structural columns provide numerous options for homeowners and builders. One of the major benefits of Westbury Columns is the significant labor savings that can be achieved when compared to site-built columns. Westbury Columns are designed for ease of installation and can also serve the function of providing a wrap over existing wood or other structural supports for a classic and more beautiful, weather resistant, and durable upgrade.

Larry G. Boyts, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Digger Specialties, Inc., stated “Westbury Columns® offer aesthetic and installation benefits unmatched in the marketplace. The comprehensive group of materials, styles, and designs are offered to provide a wide array of solutions to the property owner and builder.

Westbury Columns come with a lifetime limited warranty from DSI. For more information about DSI Westbury Columns visit Diggerspecialties.com.