Fairfax, Va. — Three infrastructure projects designed by Dewberry were recognized with major awards from state organizations in New Jersey. Dewberry’s design of the Route 7 Wittpenn Bridge over the Hackensack River and the firm’s environmental consulting services for the Public Service Electric and Gas (PSE&G) Energy Strong program both received 2015 Leading Infrastructure Awards from the New Jersey Alliance for Action. The Easterly Hackensack River Bridge Deck Replacement project received a Grand Award from the New Jersey chapter of the American Concrete Institute.

Photos of the Easterly Hackensack River Bridge courtesy of the New Jersey Turnpike Authority

Route 7 Wittpen Bridge: Leading Infrastructure Award — New Jersey Alliance for Action

Dewberry provided engineering and environmental services as a subconsultant to Jacobs Engineering Group for the design of the Route 7 Wittpen Bridge over the Hackensack River and related interchange work in Hudson County. Now under construction, the project involves the replacement of the 1930s-era vertical lift bridge, the realignment of Fish House Road on the west side of the river, and final connection to the recently completed 1&9T St. Paul’s Viaduct project on the east side. The new bridge will be located north of the existing bridge and will meet modern design standards, provide higher vertical clearance for navigation, and allow for economic development of nearby brownfields and local industries.

A key component of the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) Portway Corridor, Route 7 connects to the Holland Tunnel and New York City as well as business and industrial areas in New Jersey. The improvements will strengthen access to and between the Newark-Elizabeth Air/Seaport Complex, intermodal rail facilities, trucking and warehousing/transfer facilities, and the regional surface transportation system. In addition to the environmental assessment and replacement bridge design, the project required a complex multi-stage maintenance and protection of traffic scheme to maintain two lanes of traffic in each direction on Route 7. Dewberry is coordinating closely with The Conti Group, the contractor for the award-winning project.

PSE&G Environmental Services: Leading Infrastructure Award—New Jersey Alliance for Action

For PSE&G, Dewberry has provided a range of environmental services for the $1.2 billion Energy Strong program, which is aimed at building resilience and redundancy into its electric and gas systems to withstand severe weather. The program includes upgrading substations, replacing and modernizing cast iron gas mains, and increasing the ability to restore power.

Easterly Hackensack River Bridge: Grand Award—New Jersey Chapter, American Concrete Institute

For the Easterly Hackensack River Bridge Deck Replacement project, Dewberry provided engineering services for the high-performance concrete deck replacement, structural repairs, and seismic retrofitting. The six-lane bridge, located in Secaucus and Kearny, carries I-95 and New Jersey Turnpike traffic over the river. The Conti Group served as general contractor for this ambitious project, which has substantially increased the live load carry capacity. The project was completed for the New Jersey Turnpike Authority.