WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) honored the Rehabilitation of the Passaic Valley Sewer Commissioners (PVSC) Trunk Sewer project for its excellence in utility relocation and accommodation in the innovation category. The project team was recognized for its illustration of how transportation providers have embraced the challenges of providing transportation solutions that enhance public safety, improve mobility, protect the environment, effectively use limited resources, and are delivered in a timely manner, while considering the needs and goals of communities and stakeholders.

Construction of the Route 3/Route 21 Interchange will result in up to 30 feet of additional fill being placed over a 108-inch, semi-elliptical, 90-year-old sewer. As a result, an advanced construction contract was awarded to rehabilitate and strengthen the interceptor to accommodate the additional fill and keep the interchange project on schedule. Dewberry supervised a specialty subcontractor who performed continuous survey to determine the exact shape the interior of the a pipe utilizing laser technology while sewage was flowing, and specified a special arch shape pipe to be custom fabricated to achieve strength for a “fully deteriorated condition.” The principal advantage of this process is that the lining can take place while the pipe is flowing, at a lower cost than traditional PVC lining. As a result, a savings of over $1 million was realized.

Key players in the Passaic County, New Jersey, project include: the New Jersey Department of Transportation, Passaic Valley Sewer Commissioners, Spiniello Construction, Red Zone Robotics, and Dewberry. Dewberry Senior Associate Peter Black, PE, CME, CFM, accepted the award.