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Designing with Structural Steel

Designing with Structural Steel

2018 NASCC: The Steel Conference proceedings are available free online.

More than 130 session recordings from the 2018 NASCC: The Steel Conference in Baltimore are now available for free online viewing at www.aisc.org/2018nascconline. The recordings include a synchronization of the speakers’ voices along with their visual presentations,

The American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) makes much of its conference material available at no charge as part of its mission to disseminate information for building and designing with structural steel. “We strongly believe that providing free access to high-quality educational material benefits everyone in the industry,” said Scott Melnick, senior vice president at AISC.

Search for conference proceedings from the last 10 years at www.aisc.org/educationarchives. The site also contains a collection of recorded webinars and articles that can be accessed at any time.

This year’s Steel Conference attracted a record attendance of 5,175. Next year’s conference will take place in St. Louis, April 3-5, 2019. For more information, visit www.aisc.org/nascc.

Information provided by the American Institute of Steel Construction (www.aisc.org).