Design and BIM Managers: How Industry Trends Are Changing How Projects are Delivered

This webinar aired on May 7, 2019


The world is changing. Projects have become more complex, new standards of work have been introduced, and firms face increasing expectations to drive better project outcomes. As digital transformation has swept the engineering, architecture, and construction (AEC) industry, it has become critical for design project managers to watch these trends and adapt accordingly in order to deliver projects faster while minimizing cost and risk incurred.

Join this webinar to learn how to navigate:

  • Greater volumes of complex project information
  • Collaboration among globally-distributed project teams
  • Demonstrating competency on proven BIM best practices
  • Increased requirements for reporting and transparency
  • Delivering results in an increasingly competitive landscape


Mark Coates, Industry Marketing Director, Project Delivery, Bentley Systems

Mark is a former quantity surveyor with extensive background in global project delivery. He has worked on numerous infrastructure projects, consulting asset owners and their advisors on technology adoption focused on attaining better project results while be conscious of time, cost, and quality. He current leads Bentley System’s go-to-market strategy for the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry, keeping a keen eye on the latest industry trends and their impact on the delivery of successful projects.

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1. The four P’s to unlock the benefits of digital construction are:

Prepare for it, pilot it, probe it, and:

2. A quantity surveyor QS is a construction industry professional with expert knowledge on construction _____ and _____.
3. The crossrail report was carried out in:
4. What is the barrier holding us back from implementing digital construction?
5. By 2030 the amount spent on infrastructure in the USA each year will be:
6. Global infrastructure ranks the following as the top 3 in the world:

You can adapt to industry trends for business growth by:

8. In 10 years time, we will be spending ____  globally on infrastructure:

The bangkok metro project came in at ____ over its original budget


Berlin’s new Brandenburg airport is ____ years late.

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