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Derq Named “An Ally In Action” By The U.S. Department of Transportation 

<strong>Derq Named “An Ally In Action” By</strong> <strong>The U.S. Department of Transportation</strong> 

DETROIT, MI – Derq, an award-winning MIT spin-off and leading provider of real-time artificial intelligence (AI) analytics solutions for connected roads and vehicles, announced today it has officially been named an Ally in Action by the U.S Department of Transportation (USDOT) to join its National Roadway Safety Strategy (NRSS) and U.S Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg’s call to action to reverse the spike in crashes and traffic-related fatality rates. 

As Derq became one of the new 25 organizations across the public and private sectors to be recognized by the USDOT in taking action to reverse the crisis that is killing more than 40,000 people on American roads each year, there are now more than 100 Allies in Action who are committed to taking specific, tangible steps to actively reduce the number of deaths and serious injuries on America’s roads and streets, expand the adoption of a Safe System Approach and a Zero Fatalities vision across the nation, and transform how we as a nation think about road safety. 

The USDOT launched the National Roadway Safety Strategy (NRSS) in 2022 in response to the crisis of roadway deaths in America, which had been steadily rising since 2010 before they surged in 2020. While the last four quarters have shown small decreases in traffic fatalities, according to preliminary data, Derq will now be able to work directly with the USDOT and other Allies in Action to share progress, review case studies of notable practices, and even encourage new commitments to continue identifying opportunities to improve safety on a national scale.  

Derq’s “Real-Time Perception and Connectivity AI Platform” addresses the burning needs in driver, pedestrian and cyclist safety, where accurate and reliable detection of traffic violations, pedestrian compliance issues, and road-user conflict (near-miss) data is of the utmost importance for transportation agencies and city officials to enable up-to-date analysis of safety issues.  

Through Derq’s “Automated Safety Performance Monitoring” solution, the company is committed to working with cities, communities, and even road owners and operators to seamlessly integrate its technology with new or existing road infrastructure to support improved road monitoring with enhanced safety measures. The technology provides real-time predictive alerts for road users, connects directly with traffic controller systems, and provides an understanding of danger zones in traffic systems where repeated events occur.  

Additionally, Derq will provide local and state agencies with a safety scoring framework, developed using data from existing traffic cameras and signal controllers, to better understand where safety issues are happening in real-time. The company will also continue to educate agencies about safety technology and how to obtain additional funding to implement these technologies at scale though industry conference presentations and webinars, like the one it facilitated with ITS America in June 2023. 

“Derq’s number one priority every single day is to eliminate all road fatalities and we are incredibly honored to align our mission with the U.S. DOT and the National Road Safety Strategy in the continued nationwide efforts of moving toward Vision Zero,” said Dr. Georges Aoude, CEO and Co-Founder of Derq. “We are committed to growing our partnerships with agencies across the nation to leverage our technological solutions in creating safer and smarter roads for all.” 

For more information on Derq’s commitment to action and to view the other Allies in Action, please visit www.transportation.gov/nrss/allies-in-action

About Derq 

Derq is an award-winning MIT-spinoff powering the future of roads for safer and more efficient movement of road users and autonomous vehicles. Through its proprietary and patented technology, Derq provides cities and fleets with an artificial intelligence (AI) platform that powers advanced analytics and connected & autonomous vehicle (CAV) applications to help them improve road safety and better manage traffic. Derq has been recognized as an industry leader by the WEF and has received a number of awards including the 2022 Global ITS Innovation Award, AI company of the year at SXSW 2019, and Top Road Safety Innovator for Vision Zero in 2020 by Together for Safer Roads. For more information, please visit www.derq.com or contact info@derq.com. Derq is a trademark of Derq Inc.

About the National Roadway Safety Strategy  

The Department of Transportation’s National Roadway Safety Strategy (NRSS) outlines the Department’s comprehensive approach to reversing the rise in traffic fatalities and serious injuries on the nation’s highways, roads, and streets. The NRSS follows through on the Department’s commitment to safety through priority actions that target the most significant and urgent problems in roadway safety. The NRSS’s Call to Action invites every organization and individual to participate in taking part and sharing how they will actively reduce deaths and injuries on America’s Roadways, expand adoption of the NRSS’s 5-pronged Safe System approach and a zero fatalities vision, and transform how we as a national think about road safety. More information on the NRSS and voluntary commitments from early adopters can be found here.