Denver — Denver International Airport (DEN), which obtained City Council and Mayoral approval of its Great Hall Project last August, is working with Great Hall Partners (GHP) to finalize design so that construction can begin in about six months. The last hurdle of the business deal was completed on Dec 21, when DEN achieved financial close with GHP.

Currently, the design is 30 percent complete with work continuing through the winter and spring. As the design progresses, DEN will be working with its partners and key stakeholders to incorporate their feedback, finalize their individual leaseholds, and jointly develop the detailed phasing strategy that minimizes operational disruptions.

The initial plan calls for the project to be completed in four main construction phases:

  • Phase one of the project will primarily focus on work in Mod 2, east and west, including airline ticket lobbies, baggage claim areas, the food court (which will be demolished), as well as the area of the A bridge from the terminal to the Airport Office Building,
  • Phase two will focus on Mod 3, with similar ticket lobby and baggage claim area work.
  • Phase three will be in Mod 1, preparing for the current Mod 1 ticket counters for conversion into new passenger security screening area, and
  • Phase four will entail work in the tented space of the terminal on level 5, along with median and curbside work on level 6 on both the east and west sides of the terminal.

DEN is focused on achieving the best customer experience possible during all phases of the project. While most construction starts with a construction wall going up that stays in place through the duration, that is not how this project will proceed. There will be a series of distinct phases of work in different parts of the terminal. This means construction walls will be moving, and passengers will have different experiences at different times during the construction. DEN is committed to communicating with all passengers, airlines and tenants, so they know what to expect.

Milestones for the project include opening of the ticket counters in early 2020, opening the checkpoints in late 2020, and the entire project will complete in late 2021.