Wilmington, Del. — The Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) on June 2 announced an immediate closure of Bridge 1-813 over the Christina River on 1-495. An inspection showed four of the 37 support columns are tilted as much as 4 percent out of vertical alignment. DelDOT bridge engineers and consultant placed tilt sensors to monitor the bridge.

DelDOT received a report about an anomaly with a column late Friday. An inspection crew was sent out first thing Monday morning. Additionally, a notification was received from a DelDOT Equipment Operator Monday morning who noticed a shifting of the concrete barrier on the road surface. After reviewing the data and pictures, DelDOT’s bridge engineer recommended closure until further investigation can be done.

Bridge 1-813 over the Christina is a concrete deck on steel beams, built in 1974. It was last inspected in October 2012, and bridges of this type are inspected every two years. This section of I-495 carries approximately 90,000 vehicles daily.