Decatur, Ga. — DeKalb County, Ga.’s Department of Watershed Management (DWM) will issue up to four design-build contracts, valued at approximately $50 million each, in late summer 2016. These contracts will be used for rehabilitation and improvements of sanitary sewers throughout its system to reduce and/or eliminate sanitary sewer overflows, in compliance with a Federal Consent Decree (CD).

The forthcoming contracts are a result of a Clean Water Act settlement the County reached in December 2011, with the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the Georgia Environmental Protection Division, in the form of a CD. The CD requires the county to develop and implement effective capacity, management, operations and maintenance programs for its wastewater collection system, including a continuing sewer assessment and rehabilitation program. All CD requirements must be completed within 8.5 years of the date of entry. Capital projects related to the CD are estimated to be approximately $285 million.

Assessments of approximately one-third of the DWM’s sewer system are now in progress, and it is estimated that at the conclusion of these assessments, 15 to 30 percent of the components will need to receive rehabilitation or capacity upsizing prior to June 2020, the CD deadline.

DWM protects the public health, safety and welfare through the provision of safe drinking water and quality wastewater treatment and is the primary provider of water and wastewater services in DeKalb County, Georgia. Serving a population of more than 700,000 residents, DWM is among the largest water/wastewater utilities in the State of Georgia and the southeastern region of the United States.

For information on the Request for Proposals (RFPs)/Invitation to Bid (ITB) process, how to do business with DeKalb County and Local Small Business Enterprise (LSBE) program, visit the DeKalb County, Georgia, Purchasing and Contracting Department websites at: