Waltham, MA – The demand for digital product data in the construction sector is accelerating faster than ever. Its driving factors, among others, are increasing adoption of building information modeling (BIM), legal requirements for product traceability, and commercial pressure to deliver fully specified technical designs of projects quicker and error-free. However, architects and mechanical engineers have different design needs, resulting in varying and often non-compatible CAD tools and file formats. AMC Bridge suggests one example of a workable solution for that problem in the CAD-to-BIM Translator technology demonstration.

In this technology demonstration, AMC Bridge shows how it is possible to translate 3D CAD geometry and critical product metadata from the Creo Parametric™ 3D modeling software from PTC, a popular mechanical CAD tool, into the Autodesk® Revit® software, a widely used tool for BIM and architectural design. Bridging two different CAD systems, CAD-to-BIM Translator seamlessly transfers models and their properties from one format to another.

To see the current functionality of the CAD-to-BIM Translator technology demonstration, watch a short demo video.

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