Brookfield, Conn. — A filtration system designed by CULTEC that removes total suspended solids (TSS) from stormwater has earned performance verification from Globe Performance Solutions (GPS), Canada’s leader in Environmental Technology Verification (ETV).

The CULTEC Separator Row designed by CULTEC is an inexpensive method of removing TSS from the CULTEC chamber system and provides easier access for inspection and maintenance. Good Harbour Laboratories (GHL) of Ontario tested the technology, and CULTEC worked with GHL and GPS to determine the rigorous test plan and reporting methods required by the ISO standard. When installed with CULTEC No. 410 and No. 4800 geotextiles, the CULTEC Separator Row will remove at least 80 percent of suspended sediment at a flow rate of 24 gallons per minute. Sediment is trapped within the Separator Row and may be removed through back flushing of the row.

In stormwater management systems without pretreatment, sediment and fines can enter an underground detention/retention system and reduce the system’s infiltration capacity by clogging stone surrounding the chambers. CULTEC’s Separator Row is designed to trap sediment and/or debris that may pass through the upstream water quality structures and into the chamber system. Captured pollutants are flushed into a sumped access manhole for vacuuming. The process repeats until the Separator Row is completely free of sediment and debris.

“Earning third-party verification validates the performance claims of this important tool to help protect the environment,’’ said Michelle Zwick, a Quality Assurance Engineer for CULTEC. “The verification provides engineers and designers with greater confidence that the system will perform as anticipated.”

Globe Performance Systems provides independent evaluation of new technologies, with a mission to validate environmental claims so that users, developers, regulators and construction experts can make informed decisions about purchasing, applying and regulating innovative technologies.

In some systems, catch basins with a sump provide some pretreatment. Other engineered pre-treatment water quality units are also available, but at a much higher cost.

The design for the Separator Row progressed from the fabric-wrapped septic chamber solutions offered by CULTEC. The system is cost effective, easily maintained and simple in its design. It includes a matrix of CULTEC products.

“Engineers and designers will appreciate the ease of design and maintenance of the Separator™ Row and will be able to specify it with the knowledge that they’re providing a cost-effective, performance-proven solution to their clients,’’ Zwick said.

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