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CRSI forms epoxy-coated rebar group

SCHAUMBURG, ILL.—The Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute (CRSI) formed the Epoxy Interest Group (EIG) comprising coaters and fabricators of epoxy-coated reinforcement, manufacturers of epoxy powder, and accessory manufacturers. The purpose of the EIG is to provide relevant information covering specifications, improvements, costs, case histories, and other significant issues concerning corrosion protection with epoxy-coated rebar. EIG goals include informing interested parties about the increased quality and lower life-cycle costs of roads, bridges, and other construction projects that use or should use epoxy-coated reinforcing steel.

The group is also responsible for promoting the voluntary CRSI Epoxy Plant Certification Program. This certification program ensures that all CRSI-certified plants uphold the highest manufacturing processes and produce the best possible product. Further, the EIG is responsible for producing materials that outline the best practices in fabrication, product transportation, repair, quality control, specifications, and other related items.