Cross-laminated timber

A conversation with Nabholz Corp.


Watch Civil + Structural Engineer’s latest FREE webinar while earning your PDH! You will hear from the executive vice president of operations at Nabholz Corp., Rob Dodd, who will discuss the challenges of introducing a new product to a region, the intense pre-planning process, and the logistics of delivering this unique lumber for the first-of-its kind residence hall at the University of Arkansas.

Take the Quiz

1. How many Rammed Aggregate Piers were used for the residence hall?
2. Nabholz expects to do more CLT projects in the future, but due to timing and scheduling conflicts, had to turn down a CLT project in what market?
3. The base of the residence hall will utilize which of the following:
4. When was the CLT manufacturer involved in the design process?
5. This residence hall will be completed in a shorter time frame than if it was constructed with concrete and steel. How long is construction expected to last?
6. Who will build the residence hall?
7. Introducing a new product to a region is difficult. According to Mr. Dodd, what was the biggest challenge?
8. The residence hall could have ended up being built with concrete and steel. What was the deciding factor in realizing the project as CLT?
9. Where will the CLT be shipped to before being taken to Fayetteville?
10. What material will be used for the stair and elevator cores?

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