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Croatian Specialty Chemical Plant Goes 100% Solar Powered!

Croatian Specialty Chemical Plant Goes 100% Solar Powered!

Corrosion protection manufacturer, CorteCros®, daughter company of Cortec® Corporation, is proud to announce  that its manufacturing facility in Split, Croatia, is now almost fully solar powered. The company installed new solar panels for energy production last month and is now generating electricity from the panels. Solar panels collect clean renewable energy from the sun and convert it into electrical energy that is used to power CorteCros® facility and logistics center. Unfortunately, unstable geopolitical situation and high energy prices are a problem all over the world. This is another reason for the company to utilize its own energy resources as much as possible.

CorteCros® manufacturing facility and warehouse are located in Split, Dalmatia, Croatian coastal region that offers maximum sun exposure. This provides excellent opportunity to utilize energy from renewable resources such as the sun. All companies in Cortec® Corporation are environmentally responsible including CorteCros®.  Cortec Corporation utilizes sustainable resources in product development and its operations wherever possible. This CorteCros’s green transition to carbon neutral plant and adjustment to our own energy resources is of huge importance for Cortec as environmentally conscious manufacturer. CorteCros® logistics and distribution center has recently expanded its production facility and storage capacity. In fact, Split is now Europe’s main production and distribution point for Cortec®’s chemical corrosion protection products. In addition to manufacturing and testing, CorteCros® provides integrated solutions and full technical support for Cortec’s products and services. Newly equipped ASTM and ISO certified laboratory is also located in the logistics center in Split. All products are registered according to the REACH standard. CorteCros® also offers a wide range of biotechnology solutions from Cortec’s Canadian subsidiary, Bionetix® International, which uses a variety of microorganisms and nutrients to create biological products used in thousands of field applications worldwide.

By using solar power system, CorteCros® is able to achieve savings from energy costs as high as 97 percent. Solar panels provide very practical way to produce electricity for many applications. This renewable energy system can provide power for upwards of three decades if properly maintained.

Patented VpCI® Technologies licensed under Cortec® Corporation are some of the most widely used and renowned corrosion protection products in the world. Cortec® Corporation has ten locations around the globe with headquarters in St. Paul, MN.  The company is supplying three continents—Europe, Asia and USA—from its facilities in Croatia. Capacities in Croatia include EcoCortec’s anticorrosion films and bioplastics plant located at the east of the country, CorteCros’s logistics and production center and sales offices in Croatia’s capital, Zagreb. CorteCros® team worked really hard to achieve these important milestones for quality, environmental, and credit management. Since the global climate change is progressing, it has become more important that we do whatever we can to reduce the pressure on our atmosphere from the emission of greenhouse gases. Solar panels have no moving parts, require little maintenance and last for decades.  This green project is another in step in achieving Cortec’s goal. which is full commitment to sustainable corrosion protection technologies.