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COWI to serve as Owner’s Engineer for green energy industrial parks in the State of Nevada

COWI to serve as Owner’s Engineer for green energy industrial parks in the State of Nevada

COWI in North America has joined forces with SixCo Nevada, Inc., a green energy industrial park developer, to host and support biomass to green fuels, power-to-x, and renewable energy projects within rural Lincoln County, the State of Nevada, and across the United States.

COWI, throughout the project development phase, will serve as Owner’s Engineer for SixCo and will be the lead technical integrator and optimization knowledge partner. COWI’s role will be to assist with concept development, screening and feasibility, business case, etc. Initially, COWI will develop a high-level desktop technical due diligence report for the Lincoln County Renewable Energy and Sustainability Complex (LCRESC) – which will be of value to potential project partners.

COWI’s engagement with SixCo further strengthens the partnership between Denmark and Nevada on sustainability projects. At the beginning of May, SixCo signed a letter of intent with the Trade Council of Denmark in North America and GreenLab (www.greenlab.dk) to host and support the renewable energy ecosystem at LCRESC – following the success of GreenLab at its renewable energy circular ecosystem in Skive, Denmark.

Kasper Frohlich, COWI´s Business Development Director for Green Fuels in North America, said: “The letter of intent with SixCo represents the first time that GreenLab is involved in establishing a similar project across the Atlantic. The partners have committed to exchanging knowledge to develop new green energy industrial parks in Nevada and potentially elsewhere in the United States.”

Derick Hembd, President of SixCo, said “we are excited to work with COWI at LCRESC, and to utilize their expertise in the development of a landmark green energy industrial park in rural Nevada – one which will enhance local economic development while making a significant contributions to local, state and national renewable energy goals.”