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Cortec® Becomes a BioPreferred® Program Champion!

Cortec® Becomes a  BioPreferred® Program Champion!

Cortec® Corporation is proud to be named a BioPreferred® Program Champion! Cortec® recently received this badge of honor in recognition of its involvement and faith in the USDA BioPreferred® Program,* which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. In a letter awarding the badge to Cortec®, Andrew Jermolowicz (Director of the Business Development Division of the USDA Rural Business-Cooperative Service) wrote, “This badge signifies your long-term commitment to using renewable materials, reducing our reliance on petroleum, supporting the bioeconomy, and bettering the planet.” As a company committed to promoting environmental responsibility in the corrosion control sector, Cortec® is honored to receive this commendation.

Cortec® was one of the first 500 companies to earn a USDA Certified Biobased Product label after the voluntary labeling initiative of the USDA BioPreferred® Program started in 2011. This honor led to the recognition of Cortec® as a USDA BioPreferred® Program Pioneer in 2021. Cortec® currently has 40+ USDA Certified Biobased Products and is regularly adding to its certified biobased product portfolio. Some of its most recent label additions cover a biobased corrosion inhibitor for irrigation pipes, a biobased outdoor coating, and a biobased hydrotest additive. Participation in the USDA BioPreferred® Program as a whole now includes more than 1500 companies in the U.S., with participation in 47 countries total.

Since its early days, Cortec® Corporation has been on the leading edge of pursuing safer, more environmentally responsible corrosion solutions for end users. As part of its environmental policy the company actively screens and adopts suitable renewable materials that can be used to develop sustainable and biodegradable products. This vision aligns closely with the values of the USDA BioPreferred® Program, whose goal is “increasing the development, purchase, and use of biobased products.” The program includes a mandatory federal purchasing initiative that requires federal agencies and contractors to give purchasing preference to products with a minimum level of biobased content in 139 identified categories.  Cortec® USDA Certified Biobased Products meet or exceed these requirements and are therefore excellent candidates for federal purchasing, particularly in the area of corrosion preventatives. Furthermore, the USDA Certified Biobased Product label provides important third-party verification for any buyers seeking clear, impartial confirmation of a product’s renewable content claims.

If you are a federal agency seeking to comply with mandatory federal purchasing of biobased products, or if you simply want to promote sustainability by the use of renewable resources, contact Cortec® to learn more about its USDA Certified Biobased Products: https://www.biocortec.com/contact-us/