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San Francisco, CA – – Cornerstone Concilium, Inc. has been certified as a HUBZone Company.

The HUBZone program is designed to provide economic stimulus to depressed geographic areas by awarding federal contracts to small businesses that operate and employ workers in historically underutilized business zones.

“Cornerstone is pleased to invest in this very worthy program,” said Chairman and CEO Wayne Perry, “Our San Francisco offices are in a HUBZone and at least 35% of our employees around the country live in HUBZones. By hiring people from HUBZone areas and doing business in a HUBZone, we are helping to build our community and creating a ripple effect to improve the local economy, which fits in with our mission to serve and enrich society.”

Cornerstone was established in 1986 to provide program and construction management, engineering and technology solutions for complex transportation systems and building infrastructure projects throughout the United States. Cornerstone’s staff of program and construction managers, facilities managers, engineers and industry professionals are experienced in providing solutions for its clients. Cornerstone has clients in the San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, Denver, Washington D.C., Atlanta and New York. Some clients include the General Services Administration, Department of Defense agencies including, the US Army Corp of Engineers, Coast Guard, Army National Guard and the Department of Homeland Security. They also serve several airports and Department of Transportation transit agencies around the country including Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, LA Metro, and Bay Area Rapid Transit.

CEO, Wayne Perry is passionate about supporting diversity and the economic and social vitality of his community. When he founded Cornerstone he wanted to create something unique and special, more than just an ordinary company. He had a vision that everywhere Cornerstone had a presence he would establish a Cornerstone Institute. The Cornerstone Institute of Anointing is a subsidiary of the Company that provides award-winning career training and employment opportunities for youth, displaced workers, military veterans, women, people with disabilities and others who are under-represented in the workforce.  It includes an international program that provides internship opportunities domestically and overseas. This world-class program trains and employs participants through a combination of specialized and customized curriculum, on-the-job training, site tours, professional development activities and overall life skills support, empowering students with the necessary insight and skills to successfully compete in a global job market. They have a 100% employment rate for those who apply for jobs after graduation. For its employees, Cornerstone cultivates a corporate culture where personal and professional goals are fostered through such programs as Cornerstone Village, an innovative mentorship program established to gather Cornerstone employees together who desire to learn and to share common interests and life goals with other Cornerstone employees through the formation of distinct communities within the company including the financial literacy, entrepreneurship, real estate, health and wellness, and humanitarianism communities.

“We look forward to forging partnerships with federal contractors who would like to work with a small disadvantaged business that is not only veteran owned and HUBZone certified, but the best at what we do,” Mr. Perry concluded.