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Corecon Technologies Announces New Reporting and Business Intelligence Engine for its Cloud-Based Construction Software Suite

Corecon Technologies Announces New Reporting and Business Intelligence Engine for its  Cloud-Based Construction Software Suite

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Corecon’s latest update provides a wide variety of new data views and reporting options to monitor project financials and progress in real time 

Huntington Beach, Calif., – Corecon Technologies, Inc. announces a major upgrade to its reporting capabilities within Corecon’s cloud-based construction estimating, project management and job cost software suite. Developed to capture information from all aspects of a construction project’s lifecycle, Corecon’s reporting upgrade includes new data views and APIs offering access to information across the entire system.

Additionally, new reporting and business intelligence (BI) engines provide enterprise grade reporting capabilities that are all accessible via the cloud and no additional software is required. The new BI Dashboards offer an executive overview of project financials, helping to maintain budgets and maximize the project’s profitability.

“Our new data views, Log Reports and BI Dashboards took 16 months to build, resulting in an economical, yet scalable enterprise-grade solution,” said Corecon Technologies President Norman Wendl. “The new reporting and BI engine will provide contractors with a competitive advantage when presenting information to internal or external team members, giving them the necessary tools to track every financial aspect of a project in real time.”

Corecon Detail Report Templates

While they are available for all features, Detail Report Templates are especially practical for printing out an estimate proposal, client contract, subcontract, change order or progress invoice that may have legal language. Corecon now offers 194 different Detail Reports templates that are based on Microsoft Word templates. Data from Corecon is populated in the document using bookmarks and mail merge tables, providing granular control on the project information the contractor would like to share.

Corecon Log Reports

Summarizing records for an individual project feature in a table format, Log Reports may be used to export a list such as change orders, RFIs or Submittals to a PDF or Microsoft Excel file. Corecon’s new reporting engine enables 160 new data views for standard and custom log reports, providing more access to Corecon construction platform’s data than ever before.  Additionally, 406 new log reports with various filter options allow construction teams to present project information in numerous ways, minimizing the need to create custom reports.

Business Intelligence (BI) Summary Dashboards

Providing real-time analysis of project financials from four different perspectives (cost, revenue, labor and equipment hours), 36 new standard BI Dashboards summarize and compare transactions from contract administration, procurement and time tracking modules with estimated budgets. All dashboards are also customizable.

Corecon’s new BI Dashboards incorporate a modern design with an emphasis on ease-of-use. This improvement alleviates information overload and gives users a distinct view of project financials and budget comparisons.

Many of the new dashboards analyze data in unique ways that were not possible before, such as heat maps depicting cost, labor and equipment hour activity per cost code for single or multiple projects. These heat maps can also act as a filter for the entire dashboard. Specialty dashboards are available to analyze Work-In-Progress (WIP) or are contract specific such as Cost-Plus Billable Status and Unit Price Quantities. Another particularly useful specialty dashboard helps with Change Order Analysis by comparing budgets versus actuals for each approved change and overall changes.

Detailed Analytic Reports

In conjunction with BI Summary Dashboards, 30 Detailed Analytic Reports compare actual financials with budgets by cost code, division, division/cost code or owner code. Most of these reports provide drill-in capabilities to view the underlying transactions.

Fifteen data APIs automatically aggregate and summarize financial information from the software’s contract administration, procurement, time tracking and employee expense modules. These APIs then drive the information in the BI Dashboards and Detailed Analytic Reports.

Furthermore, Corecon’s new reporting function now offers more reporting widgets (ex. Pie Charts, Grids, Sparkline, Gauges, KPIs, etc.) and formatting options than were previously possible. Export options for the reports include PDF, Excel, Word, HTML, CSV and XML. Each one displays pixel perfect when exporting to a PDF or printing.

“Our company has already begun using Corecon’s new reporting and BI features, and I am impressed with the project analytics that are much easier to navigate and use, as well as the informative data provided in the charts,” said Ryan Moore, President & CEO of PBC DataCom. “Specifically, the project Leads feature is providing a clear view of our sales funnel and pipeline. Overall, the data is helping to make quick and valuable business decisions, allowing us to maintain our low overhead and lean operations.”

Existing Corecon subscribers can take advantage of the analytics and reporting updates immediately while the current custom log reports are phased out in 9-12 months. Corecon’s Knowledge Base includes related help topics and training videos to assist with the transition.