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Corecon Technologies Announces DocuSign eSignature Integration with its Cloud-Based Construction Software Suite

Corecon Technologies Announces DocuSign eSignature Integration with its  Cloud-Based Construction Software Suite

Corecon’s latest update provides a quicker, more convenient and secure way of obtaining electronic signatures on important construction documents to keep construction projects moving forward

Huntington Beach, Calif. – Corecon Technologies, Inc. announces a new integration with DocuSign eSignature for use within Corecon’s cloud-based construction estimating, project management and job cost software suite. This new feature allows Corecon subscribers to securely obtain and track electronic signatures on construction documents along with other construction project information in one secure location.

The process for utilizing the new electronic signature feature is quick and easy. After enabling e-signature in Corecon Settings and authenticating the account, the DocuSign eSignature integration can be turned on or off for estimate proposals, client contracts, changes, invoices and all procurement related transactions such as POs, subcontracts, SCOs and subcontractor invoices.

Documents that are generated and saved in Corecon can then be designated for the eSignature workflow process where specified individuals are sent email notifications requesting signatures. Email and eSignature templates are also available and customizable, allowing for multiple signatures and personalized communication. In addition, signers are automatically set based on the Corecon document type (e.g., change order | owner and contractor contacts).

For tracking purposes, the e-sign document is color coded based on the completion status. Once the signatures are obtained, details of when the document was signed and by whom are accessible in the Linked File Details view.

“The Corecon integration with DocuSign eSignature is another feature we’ve added to our software suite that is convenient, quick and efficient,” said Corecon Technologies President Norman Wendl. “Because these important documents are encrypted and a complete audit trail is maintained, this process is also more secure than traditional paper and delivery methods, and all documentation is stored and retrievable within the Corecon platform.”

The DocuSign eSignature integration is free and available immediately for all Corecon subscribers. Learn how to begin using this new feature in Corecon’s Knowledge Base.