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Core Launches Field-First App Made for Foreman and Crews: ‘Crews by Core’

Core Launches Field-First App Made for Foreman and Crews: ‘Crews by Core’

One Tool for Foremen and Crews to Save Wasted Time, Manage and Track Tasks, and Communicate in Real Time with Field and Office

PALO ALTO, Calif. (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Core, the web and mobile construction management system created to support the global construction workforce, announced the launch of the Crews by Core App for foremen. Specifically targeting foremen, this new app combines task and crew management in one centralized place saving time and cutting stress in the field. Free to download, Crews by Core arms users with everything they need to manage the job their way and is available on both iPhone and Android devices.

“I’ve been watching and working with the Core team from the beginning and it’s refreshing to see how much they listen and want to learn the difference between the trades and what we want in the field,” said Bob Figone, General Superintendent at Build Group.

Since the New Year, the app has been adopted by more than 500 construction companies across the US. Workers cite the app’s ease of use, ability to share tasks with subcontractors and teams along with key features such as real-time status updates, daily progress reports, punch lists and messaging. Acting as a single source of truth, Crews by Core, made for foremen and their crews, reduces miscommunication between the field and office and enables workers to collaborate with a new level of transparency and trust. With the push of a button, foremen can easily assign tasks and punch lists, add photos of completed work, follow jobsite and crew progress in real-time, and chat with their team to ensure everyone is aligned.

“Construction foremen and crew members have one of the most important jobs in the world, they are the heroes leading the build of our bridges, roads, schools, homes and neighborhoods —it’s obvious we need to arm them with the tools they want to get the job done their way,” said Di-Ann Eisnor, CEO and co-founder of Core. “Significant time is wasted on over-complicated software, scheduling delays, manual reporting and redundant communication systems—it’s one of the most frustrating and pervasive issues in the field. The Crews by Core app solves the challenges around task management, communication and workflow allowing them a quick and easy way to get work done faster and on their terms.”

The features of the app make work better for the entire crew — with everything needed to manage the job:

  • Quick and easy to download/set-up feature: Foremen create team/company, crews receive invites and assignments to begin collaboration
  • Assign, track and report on tasks and progress in real-time
  • Chat and collaborate with field, office, subs and vendors even if they don’t have the app
  • Share punch lists, status and job photos with your whole crew
  • Create automated daily reports
  • Track progress and workload of the whole crew in real-time
  • Get alerts if your crew is blocked
  • Manage across multiple projects
  • “My Tasks” for crew members show only things they need to work on making it simple for each worker to track and update
  • Available in English, Spanish and Portuguese

Mike O’Brien, Core Advisor and former Senior Vice President at Turner Construction Company also commented, “One thing I learned from all my years at Turner is the importance of field-first technology. Core gets that and I am excited to advise them.”

Eisnor added, “Success on the job depends on the success of the entire crew. We’re making technology that brings the whole team together so they can collaborate and stay on schedule like never before.”