CoorsTek Plant in South Korea Earns Top Chemical Safety AwardNational Institute of Chemical Safety Recognizes Facility’s Exceptional Accident Prevention Plan

CoorsTek Engineer JW Shin, EHS Technician Steve (JH) Lee, and Engineer Se-Im Kim display the Gumi plant’s award for Best Practices in Chemical Accident Prevention and Management.

Gumi, South Korea | The CoorsTek plant in Gumi, South Korea was recently presented with an award from the National Institute of Chemical Safety (NICS) in recognition of the facility’s exceptional safety protocols and best-in class chemical accident prevention plan.

CoorsTek, a leading manufacturer of technical ceramics, operates more than 30 manufacturing facilities across three continents. At its Gumi, South Korea plant, which provides a variety of high-performance ceramics engineered specifically for semiconductor processing applications (including PureSiC silicon carbides and PlasmaPure aluminas), a wide range of hazardous materials are used. Due to the extensive use of these materials, the plant is subject to regular inspections to review safety procedures and chemical spill prevention plans.

Gumi employees passed last summer’s chemical safety inspection with marks so high that representatives from the NICS asked them to share best practices at a conference in November. CoorsTek team members accepted the offer and used the opportunity to showcase the plant’s comprehensive accident prevention program. The Gumi facility has grown in serving partners since 2000, including a recent expansion to support semiconductor and electronics industry growth as well as many additional customers in the region.

CoorsTek was among 12 organizations that were highlighted at the event, but one of only five to receive the Director’s Award for Chemical Safety. CoorsTek was in excellent company; the other four winning organizations were Sam-Yang, SK Materials, Hyundai Motor, and Samsung.

According to plant manager BW Han, the Gumi team delivered outstanding results thanks to the steps they have taken to prevent the leakage of hazardous chemicals into nearby bodies of water.

“We established a mobile-based wireless network to keep materials from flowing into the rivers here, and developed strong evacuation plans to keep workers and local residents safe if we are faced with an emergency,” he said.

CoorsTek Vice President of Environmental Health, Safety, Sustainability, and Security Scott Dolan congratulated the team and expressed pride in their accomplishment.

“CoorsTek is committed to being a safe, environmentally friendly and socially responsible company,” he said. “Our EHS teams worldwide take this responsibility seriously. We’re proud of the great work they’re doing in Gumi and pleased with the steps they are taking to create a safe environment.”