With 48.5 million Americans hitting the road for Thanksgiving last year, according to AAA, road safety, including safe tires, is especially important. In the spirit giving thanks for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, Cooper Tires will surprise 50 Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) workers as they arrive for their shifts on Friday, November 22, at two Toledo-area garages with a “thank you” breakfast for helping to keep our roads safe.

Cooper® is committed to helping keep drivers safe on the road, especially since the four tires on your vehicle are the only parts that come in contact with the road. Cooper® also recognizes the dedication of ODOT crews who work tirelessly to help keep roads safe—building them, repairing them, and keeping them clear of snow and ice—so Ohio drivers can get where they need to go safely and quickly. The special thank you breakfast will feature custom-baked Rocky Road doughnuts from a local doughnut shop, as well as a donation to Keep Toledo/Lucas County Beautiful.

Watch here.