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Construction software company Extracker announces real-time Change Order Review and PDF Annotation features

Construction software company Extracker announces real-time Change Order Review and PDF Annotation features

Construction’s only change order communication platform introduces new review, comment, annotate and markup suite for users 

SAN FRANCISCO — Extracker, the construction industry’s only change order communication platform, which supercharges manual workflow and connects companies outside of their internal facing financial software, is introducing brand new features that will give users the ability to annotate change order request PDF documents sent between companies further facilitating collaboration and speeding up review time.

With this new feature, users can add markups, highlight text, and add virtual sticky notes to the PDFs from inside the app, which will allow for content-specific feedback on their documents without ever leaving the application. This furthers Extracker’s mission to help the commercial construction industry process and close change order requests faster to reduce risk for all parties.

“Before we launched the annotation feature, contractors would still be downloading COR documentation and opening them in other applications to add review comments. This was the last piece we needed to solve the true end-to-end review process on change order requests”, said Cameron Page, founder and CEO of Extracker. “Our mission has always been to help the industry get change orders processed and closed faster to reduce risk, waste less time and strengthen relationships between project stakeholders. Reviewing a change order request is a key control point in the COR process, and this critical element can now be completed within Extracker. This is another massive step in our journey to simplify and automate the change order process.”

For general contractors, the new features are a game changing tool for completing the review process in a clear and organized platform. For subcontractors, the system gives them clear feedback on CORs and changes that need to be made while also giving them an instrument to add additional details and draw attention to specific parts of a COR document.

“Creating clear and efficient communication are key elements for us as we continue building the new standard for change order communication,” said Page. “Building a markup editor into our software will help contractors save time by giving them an all-in-one platform to communicate necessary information. The entire conversation surrounding the markups and changes are preserved in a central, auditable location, eliminating the risk of losing valuable information in emails, excel spreadsheets or verbal conversation.”

For more information, visit www.extracker.com.