Wilmington, Del. — Now that the southbound span of the I-495 Bridge is open to traffic, construction crews have shifted their focus to the northbound span. In the past week they were able to finish underpinning the piers needing new support closest to the Christina River (pier 14) and Christiana Avenue (pier 11). These piers are now firmly encased in a new footer on top of underground support columns.

Shoring towers identical to those supporting the southbound lanes have been constructed under the northbound side of the bridge around piers 12 and 13, and large steel header beams are being set in place. The process of closing the holes in the northbound bridge deck — that were needed to create the support columns — is also underway.

There is some minor work being done to the southbound side of the bridge and a plan is being developed to remove piers 12 and 13, so new piers can be constructed in their place. The support structure under the southbound lanes is being monitored daily and everything is performing as expected.

All work remains approximately one month ahead of the original schedule, meaning the northbound lanes of I-495 are projected to be open by Labor Day weekend.