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Constructability of Structural Steel Buildings design guide now available

David Ruby, founder of the structural engineering firm Ruby + Associates, long considered a pioneer behind the concept of constructability, can now say that he literally wrote the book on the topic. The publication, Constructability of Structural Steel Buildings Design Guide No. 23, was written in collaboration with the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC).

The Guide is expected to become the authoritative voice on incorporating construction considerations into the structural design decision matrix. More specifically, constructability is the application of construction knowledge and experience into the design process to achieve the most efficient and effective results. The notion behind constructability is to bridge the gap between design and construction. As the publisher’s note in the Design Guide states, "…this document can serve as a primer for structural engineers and others in the structural steel industry who seek new approaches to construction and new ways of doing business. The author is not just theorizing about integrating ’constructability’ into structural engineering practice. Rather, his firm has actually done it and is sharing this knowledge…"

"By collaborating early in the construction process, team members can anticipate issues and develop creative, relevant solutions while still in the project planning phase," said David Ruby. "The results of constructability are manifested in faster approvals, shortened schedules and reduced construction costs."

Jay Ruby, President and CEO of Ruby + Associates said, "The entire construction industry is facing intense economic pressures, and to experience a problem during construction can only lead to increased costs. However, Ruby + Associates’ focus on constructability can help team members more thoroughly anticipate project issues and then positively impact the overall project and economic objectives. We incorporate the planning, design and construction sequence and ultimately deliver exceptional solutions to even the most challenging engineering projects."

The Design Guide explores specific areas such as: early involvement, the design process, issues related to the structural steel framing, detailing and fabrication, steel erection, and special constructability issues (such as anchorage to concrete, camber, and tolerances).
Ruby + Associates applied its constructability approach to recent marquee projects like the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts in Kansas City, Mo.; a Naval Air Station hangar complex in Jacksonville, Fla.; Ford Field in Detroit; and Mercy Hospital of Tiffin in Tiffin, Ohio, to name just a few.

More information on Ruby + Associates is available at www.RubyUSA.com. Design Guide No. 23 is available as a free download to AISC members from www.aisc.org/ePubs or at a price of $60 for nonmembers.