Alexandria, Va. — WateReuse is hosting the 2017 Industrial and Commercial Water Reuse Conference in Atlanta on May 21-23. The theme for this year’s conference is Innovation and Investment. The program features presentations on water reuse for a range of industries, from heavy manufacturing to energy generation to food and beverage production. The agenda showcases innovative water reuse applications for college campuses and redevelopment projects, as well as strategies to calculate real-world return-on-investment for water reuse projects.

“This biennial conference is an excellent opportunity for industrial water users and the water sector to come together to discuss the latest innovations that will ensure that businesses have secure sources of water to produce the products we use, the food we eat, and the energy we need,” said WateReuse Executive Director Melissa Meeker.

This year’s conference will provide attendees with multiple opportunities for first-hand learning experiences. Two exciting excursions are offered – a behind-the-scenes tour of the Georgia Aquarium and a visit to the WaterHub, a first-of-its-kind, comprehensive onsite recycling system for Emory University.  Additionally, all attendees will have the opportunity to participate in an interactive problem-solving workshop to develop a proof-of-concept for water recycling at a food and beverage production facility or energy generation facility.

Water reuse is purifying wastewater for a beneficial use, rather than simply disposing of it. Recycled water is treated to standards appropriate for the intended use.

Visit the 2017 Industrial and Commercial Reuse Conference website at for more information about the conference.