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Conference highlights real estate development trends

William H. Hudnut, III, senior resident fellow of the Urban Land Institute, will deliver the opening keynote presentation, "Where? What? Why? Emerging trends in real estate development," at the 2007 Land Development East Conference in Orlando, Fla. Hudnut will discuss current trends in real estate development, including green infrastructure, transportation-oriented development, regional approaches to land use planning, higher densities, affordable housing, downtown revitalization, and urban design. He will explore the impact of possible energy shortages and global warming on the real estate industry. Hudnut also will address skyrocketing development-related costs and highlight favored investment markets and property sectors in the United States.

During a special lunch session (just announced), John Norquist, president and CEO of Congress for the New Urbanism, will present, "Can urbanism save us from global warming?" Norquist’s work promoting New Urbanism as an alternative to sprawl and an antidote to sprawl’s social and environmental problems draws on his experience as a big-city mayor and prominent participant in national discussions on urban design and school reform. Norquist was the mayor of Milwaukee from 1988 to 2004, during which time Milwaukee experienced a decline in poverty, saw a boom in new downtown housing, and became a leading center of education and welfare reform. He oversaw a revision of the city’s zoning code and reoriented development around walkable streets and public amenities such as the city’s 3.1-mile Riverwalk. He drew widespread recognition for championing the removal of a 0.8-mile stretch of elevated freeway, clearing the way for an anticipated $250 million in infill development in the heart of Milwaukee.

The 2007 Land Development East Conference & Expo, sponsored by CE News, will take place on April 11-12, 2007, at The Hilton, located in the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando. The national, two-day event will bring together professionals responsible for land and community development to explore ways to better accommodate growth while ensuring healthy, attractive communities in which to live and work.

The conference features more than 30 learning sessions, including a presentation by Sarasota County Commissioner Jon Thaxton on "Smart Growth: Are we effectively reducing sprawl?" as well as a mobile workshop site visit to two highly regarded Orlando projects-Horizon West and Baldwin Park-to discuss the lessons learned.

For more information on the 2007 Land Development East Conference & Expo, visit www.ldeast.com.