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Concrete technology publications

The American Concrete Institute (ACI) announces the availability of the following new publications and CD-ROMs to educate and inform industry professionals on the newest concrete-related information and technology.

Guide for the Analysis, Design, and Construction of Elevated Concrete and Composite Steel-Concrete Water Storage Tanks (371R-08)—This guide presents recommendations for materials, analysis, design, and construction of concrete-pedestal elevated water storage tanks. Both the all-concrete tank and the composite tank, consisting of a steel water storage vessel supported on a cylindrical reinforced concrete pedestal, are included. Price is $65.50 ($40 for ACI members).

Troubleshooting Concrete Construction
(SCM-17(08))—This document covers materials and proportioning of concrete; reinforcing and prestressing steels; production, placing, finishing, and curing of concrete; and formwork design and construction. Methods of treatment of joints and embedded items, repair of surface defects, and finishing of formed and unformed surfaces are specified. Separate sections are devoted to architectural concrete, lightweight concrete, mass concrete, prestressed concrete, and shrinkage-compensating concrete. Provisions governing testing, evaluation, and acceptance of concrete, as well as acceptance of the structure, are included. Price is $98.50 ($59 for ACI members).

FRP Stay-in-Place Forms for Concrete Structures CD-ROM (SP-257)—This CD-ROM consists of 11 papers that were presented in two special sessions sponsored by ACI Committee 440 at the ACI Spring Convention in Los Angeles. The technical papers cover both open and closed FRP forms, including bridge decks, concrete-filled tubes, and girders, and address important relevant aspects such as surface preparation, bond aspects, fatigue, constructability, confinement, and field applications. Price is $65.50 ($40 for ACI members).

Publications can be ordered by calling 248-848-3800 or online at www.concrete.org.