The International Code Council has launched Version 2.0 of the International Green Construction Code for use as a jurisdictional tool to regulate green construction, and as a document for comment leading into the 2011 Code Development and Final Action hearings.

Access to IGCC PV 2.0 — including excerpts of the code’s water provisions — is available by visiting Public Version 2.0 reflects the work of the IGCC Public Hearings Committee, which conducted a review of 1,500 comments and nearly 120 hours of testimony during eight days of public hearings during August 2009 in Chicago.

The IGCC applies to new and existing, traditional and high-performance commercial buildings. It includes ANSI/ASHRAE/USGBC/IES Standard 189.1 as an alternative compliance requirement. Coordinated with the ICC family of codes, the IGCC is designed to go beyond traditional code requirements for those communities who are aggressively pursuing a sustainable goal.

Version 2.0 contains important revisions to Public Version 1.0 including:

  • requires energy performance that is 51 percent better than the mean energy used by similar buildings in the year 2000;
  • a 20 percent water savings beyond U.S. federal standards for water closets in residential settings;
  • new requirements for identification and removal of materials containing asbestos; and
  • greater consistency with industry standards for air handling systems.

Organizations, jurisdictions and individuals wishing to state their public support for the IGCC may register on the IGCC webpage at Ongoing participation by interested parties is encouraged throughout the development process, including providing testimony at hearings and submitting comments for consideration. The deadline for code change proposals relative to the May Code Development Hearings is January 3, 2011. Code change proposals can be submitted, along with accessing a complete listing of our schedule and procedures on our website at