MCLEAN, VA. — Bruce D’Agostino, CAE, FCMAA, president and CEO of Construction Management Association of America (CMAA), said in a statement: “CMAA welcomes President Obama’s emphasis on rebuilding and enhancing our national infrastructure, and his recognition of the critical linkage between infrastructure and prosperity. We were pleased to hear him give infrastructure investment the same weight as education, research and development, and fiscal reform in charting the nation’s future.

“The critical distinction drawn by the president was between government spending and investment in value-enhancing assets like highways, rail, energy, and communications infrastructure. Much work needs to be done to convince both the Congress and the public of this difference so that we can move forward with critical investments that enhance our competitiveness and productivity.

“It is now up to all of us — the president, Congress, and industry — to work together to translate commitment into concrete action. This action must take such forms as a new long-term transportation strategy so that our states and localities can plan their own investments soundly. In addition, CMAA continues to support creation of a National Infrastructure Development Bank.

“Steps like these will help accelerate our rebound from the recent recession and generate the economic growth that will boost revenues and help address our debt and deficit challenges.”