Clearwell Group announces combination of four leading environmental services businesses to create Valor Environmental, the largest erosion control and environmental compliance company in the United States

Valor Environmental

TAMPA, Fla. /PRNewswire/ –– Clearwell Group, a Tampa-based family office, is pleased to announce it has made a strategic investment in Valor Environmental, an environmental services company focused on erosion control and compliance. The investment facilitates the combination of AlphaEMC, HydroSpec, Watkins Erosion Control, and Erosion Compliance as they come together to better serve customers through service line expansion and a broader geographic reach, while still maintaining their focus on local customer service. That service, in excellence, is what makes them great and is the core foundation of their business.

Kirk Foster will serve as President of the newly formed company bringing over 15 years of industry experience with Alpha EMC. Chris Geist and Howard Surratt will complement Foster on Valor’s management team, serving as Regional Senior Vice Presidents.

“We are excited about the prospect of bringing together over 60 years of industry knowledge and unwavering local client support. Valor Environmental will provide an intimate client experience while leveraging its tremendous resources of best practices, leadership, and synergies nationwide,” said Foster.

“This is an exciting new chapter for Valor Environmental’s customers and employees,” said Ryan Cortner, Partner at Clearwell Group. “Each of these businesses brings a legacy of customer service excellence under a newly combined management team. Under the Valor Environmental banner, the management team is excited to build on that legacy to better serve customers with broader service offerings and extended geographic coverage while maintaining local relationships.”

“Our interest in being a part of Valor Environmental started with its tenured and passionate leadership team that has consistently brought an unwavering focus on the customer to developers, builders, Departments of Transportation, and all customers across 20 major U.S. markets,” said Tyler Franz, Vice President at Clearwell Group.