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Clarkson University Launches New MS in Construction Engineering Management

Clarkson University Launches New MS in Construction Engineering Management

Are you an emerging or developing construction professional?  Are you looking to transition into one of the hottest career growth fields in the US and around the world?  Do you simply want to expand your understanding of the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) fields in the midst of the largest spending happening on infrastructure in a generation?  Clarkson University is launching just the degree program for you.

In launching its new Master of Science in Construction Engineering Management (MSCEM), Clarkson University leaders considered many factors, but two striking statistics made it clear the time was now for this program. First, the U.S. Census Bureau estimates the total annual value of construction is approximately $900 billion, making it one of the most critical sectors of the nation’s economy which will be supercharged by the multi-trillion dollar investment in infrastructure over the next several years. Second, national data show that by 2026 there will be an 11.1% increase in the demand for construction engineering managers.  In order to meet this growing need for qualified professionals, Clarkson has designed its MSCEM program for working professionals, as well as other learners, who want to join the opportunity to literally rebuild and reinvent the nation’s infrastructure and buildings well into the future.

“We couldn’t be launching this program at a more apt time,” says Professor and Director of the Construction Engineering Management Program, Erik C. Backus.  “Our corporate partners are looking for some of the best talent to meet the critical AEC needs, especially in the construction engineering and management field. They need a program that can enable their current employees and future talent, to get an advanced degree in-stride with working at the same time.  This flexible, but very robust professional Master’s program offers just that.”  Clarkson’s highly collaborative and interdisciplinary learning environment make it the perfect place for future construction leaders to hone and grow in their craft.

Clarkson’s existing CEM program has already won national awards and consistently is ranked among the top in the construction field, but this 30-credit-hour program takes it to the next level.  The program consists of 4 core courses: one focused on advanced construction, inspections, and quality control; another focused on sustainable construction which is making up almost a third of all building projects; another which features interaction with top construction leaders from around the world; and finally a capstone project that is done collaboratively between the program faculty and industry partners that the students work for or are looking to join.  The rest of the degree consists of six elective offerings that span the gambit of management and technical construction-related courses.

The top Engineering News-Record ranked construction firm, Turner Construction Company, CEO Peter J. Davoren said, “we are deepening our relationship with Clarkson University to better prepare students to go into construction management or engineering, we think this is one of the most important things we do.” “We really think the world of what you are doing,” he went on to say about the Clarkson CEM program and what Clarkson and Turner are doing to partner on many efforts, including the launch of this Master’s program.

Students can enroll now for the program launch in January of 2023. Courses will be available in hybrid (with limited on-site interactions) or fully online/remote modes. For more information about this exciting program, go to https://www.clarkson.edu/graduate/ms-construction-engineering-management.