HOUSTON — The South Central Chapter of the International Erosion Control Association (SCIECA), as a founding partner of the Houston Land Water Sustainability Forum, is conducting a Low Impact Development (LID) Design Competition in Houston. The Houston area American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) is also a partner and participant.

Integrated design teams will be competing in three Design Challenge categories, with $15,000 in prize money going to the winner in each of the three categories. Teams from all over the country are welcome to enter.

Each challenge in this competition is based on a real property, with real owners who would like to utilize sustainable design practices in their developments. The three category project opportunities are the following:

• A master planned community property owned by one of the region’s most important developers, Mischer Investments;
• A city of Houston project that will be part of the biggest and most important urban redevelopment project of the decade in Houston; and
• A stretch of Harris County, Texas, roadway that is expected to represent a new green roadway section standard for the county.

Lead competition sponsors are AIA-Houston, Mischer Investments, ASCE-Houston, the city of Houston, and Harris County.

Visit the competition website to learn more.