CE News is conducting an industry-wide survey about the use of civil engineering technology. This important survey will address 3-D modeling, GPS machine control, GIS, 3-D laser scanning, and more. We’ll learn the extent to which these technologies are being used and how, their benefits and negative consequences, what the barriers are to implementing them, and what the industry perceives future use to be. Furthermore, we’ll learn thoughts on "BIM in civil engineering." Armed with the knowledge we’ll glean from the survey, firm leaders will be able to make important business decisions to manage their firms and to serve clients better.

The results will be published in CE News’ November 2007 issue and will be sent to respondents via e-mail, if requested.

Click on the link below to launch the survey, which will take approximately 10 to 20 minutes to complete. (The survey uses skip logic so it will take some people longer than others, depending on how they answer questions.) Additionally, forward this announcement to your civil engineering staff to invite them to take it as well. If you already completed the survey following the invitation sent to CE News subscribers, do not retake it—we received your results and appreciate your feedback.

Click here to launch the survey.

Note: If you do not finish taking the survey in one sitting, you can finish it later; however, you must use the same computer to re-enter the survey and cannot clear cookies before re-entering it.