Edmonton, AB, and New York — MWH Global, now part of Stantec, announced the award of a contract by the City of San Mateo (Calif.) Public Works Department to provide design and engineering services for their Basins 2 and 3 Collection System Improvements.

San Mateo is situated in the renowned high-tech enclave of Silicon Valley, and is home to nearly 100,000 residents. This project comes in response to a Regional Water Quality Control Board Cease and Desist Order (CDO) to eliminate overflows and protect the San Francisco Bay from unauthorized discharges. As such, the city has established a Clean Water Program to meet CDO requirements. In line with the goals of this program, the role of MWH will be to provide design services to upgrade aging infrastructure, enhance reliability and provide capacity for wet weather flows in the collection system.

There are three focal components to these collection system improvements. First, a new 4.2 million-gallon in-system flow equalization storage facility will be installed, including associated pumping and odor control. The design then calls for upgrades and expansion of the three existing pump stations, including expansion of the firm pumping capacity to meet peak wet weather flows, rehabilitation of the wet wells, and upgrading of the piping and electrical systems. The third improvement calls for the installation of approximately six miles of new parallel and upsized gravity sewers and force mains, with rehabilitation to some of the existing force mains.

The MWH project scope will include preparation of alternatives analysis, preliminary, and final design, bidding support, and engineering services during construction for the collection system improvements.

“We brought together a team from across the globe to incorporate proven technologies to manage wet weather flows,” said Marshall Davert, president for government and infrastructure in the Americas and Asia Pacific for MWH. “MWH embraces the goals of the Clean Water Program. This project will enable us to provide reliable wet weather solutions to assist San Mateo in closing the CDO to satisfy the Regional Water Quality Control Board.”