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City of Prichard renews its water and wastewater contract

PRICHARD, ALA. — The Water Works and Sewer board of the city of Prichard announced the start of a five-year public-private partnership with Severn Trent Services. Under the agreement, Severn Trent will be responsible for the complete operation, maintenance, and management of the city of Prichard’s water and wastewater facilities, collection and distribution systems, meter reading, billing, and customer service functions.

Since the inception of this partnership, plant performance has dramatically improved, allowing the board and its engineer to concentrate on capital improvement planning. Prichard has already benefited from improved operations and performance that include:

  • reducing solids inventory;
  • improving discharge quality;
  • introducing an asset management program;
  • identifying capital improvement projects; and
  • installing a comprehensive computerized maintenance management that schedules predictive and preventive maintenance.