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City of Conroe selects LAN team to develop water distribution system and water operations master plan

HOUSTON — The City of Conroe, Texas, selected planning, engineering and program management firm Lockwood, Andrews & Newnam, Inc. (LAN), together with McManus & Johnson Consulting Engineers (M&J) and Metrostudy, to develop its water distribution system and water operations master plan.

The City of Conroe, which is located 40 minutes north of Houston in the heart of Montgomery County, is experiencing historic growth and is one of the fastest-growing cities in the nation. The current water supply and infrastructure are not expected to keep pace with the future growth without improvements to the existing system, timely maintenance, conservation measures and increased efficiency. The master plan will help the city assess present and future water infrastructure needs, evaluate the effectiveness of the current system and focus maintenance resources.

The scope of work includes review of existing master plans, forecasting growth projections and water usage over the next 30 years, modeling and analysis of the city’s existing and future water system, evaluating impacts of surface water integration and blending with existing groundwater supplies, development of water operations guidelines, and preparing a prioritized Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) with probable construction costs.

LAN will serve as the lead engineer and hydraulic modeler for the master plan, M&J will assist with CIP preparation and Metrostudy will help develop the growth projections. The master planning study will be completed in summer 2015.