North American firm helps with stabilization effort on lighthouse staircase

Cintec North America announces its Cementitious Grout Anchors were used in a project for the stabilization of the deteriorating staircase in the Morris Island Lighthouse, located on Morris Island, South Carolina.

The lighthouse was opened in 1876 and  decommissioned in 1962. The structure is 49M/161 FT tall. The lighthouse was placed on the national register of historic places in 1982. After the decommissioning, the circular staircase was showing advanced deterioration due to the salt air environment. There was a real fear that the staircase would collapse in on itself.

The stabilization on the staircase included the installation of CINTEC CEMENTITIOUS GROUT ANCHORS. The anchors were tied to the inner and outer walls of the lighthouse. A beam was tied to the anchors. The staircase was tied to the beam to support it. CINTEC AMERICA provided the anchor system to support the staircase. ICC- COMMONWEALTH based in Buffalo, NY were responsible for the Engineering and installation.

Project Anchor specification was 1 3/8″ (35mm) dia Stainless Steel rebar grade 2205 – 44″ (1118mm) long socked 41″! (1040mm) with 3″ (75mm) of exposed threads to attach bracket to beam.

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