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CHA Consulting and RW Armstrong merge

ALBANY, N.Y. — CHA Consulting, Inc. (CHA) and RW Armstrong, both large, multi-discipline engineering consulting companies, have merged to create a 1,250-person global firm.

RW Armstrong, now a wholly-owned subsidiary of CHA, will retain its name. RW Armstrong is based in Indianapolis and has 500 staff in 11 offices throughout the United States and five offices in the Middle East, North Africa, Azerbaijan and the Pacific Rim. CHA has 30 offices from Maine to Florida and Texas.

“We are very excited,” said Ray Rudolph, CHA’s CEO, “because both firms can now provide a range of services over a much larger international footprint. Our combined resources and size allow us to be even more competitive in seeking major projects.” He also noted that together, the two firms will create added value for their clients as well as more career opportunities for their staffs.

“This merger unites two firms with a common strategic vision and a powerhouse of talent,” said Jim Wade, RW Armstrong’s president. “Our clients’ success depends on our ability to be innovative and agile so they can in turn deliver exceptional value to their clients. The broader mix of services assembled positions us to better meet their complex business needs.” He noted that CHA has substantial expertise and experience in providing services to industry, transportation agencies, colleges and universities, and energy utilities.

The merger creates a firm with total revenues in excess of $210 million, thus making it one of the nation’s 60 largest engineering companies. CHA anticipates having a workforce of 2,000 people by 2016.

Each firm was founded more than a half-century ago and each has developed long-standing relationships with their clients. Working collaboratively, the merged firms intend to expand their global footprint and strengthen their domestic base.