Denver — CH2M is launching its new Flood Cloud service on June 6, allowing users of Flood Modeller ( and integrated software, TUFLOW, to seamlessly undertake flood risk modelling in the cloud for the first time.

CH2M’s Flood Cloud is powered by Parallel Works and runs on Amazon Web Services to provide the on-demand computational resource required to deliver quicker results and improved flooding information. It helps to provide more scenarios to enable smarter flood management decisions and improved confidence in model results.

In line with the release of Flood Cloud, CH2M is offering a free, 45-minute webinar ( on June 6 to walk users through the basics of how to best use the new service to:

  • Enhance flood models.
  • Run more scenarios to enable better flood management decisions.
  • Improve the understanding of confidence in model results.
  • Access superior modelling power to help beat project deadlines.

“We’re proud to provide our 25,000 users across the globe access to an on-demand, cloud-based resource that will deliver the step change needed for better information on flooding,” said CH2M Technical Director for Flood Modeller Suite Dr. Jon Wicks.

Flood Cloud will enable users to run Flood Modeller Pro 1D, 2D and 1D-2D linked models, as well as Flood Modeller (1D)-TUFLOW (2D) linked models. It will also be able to run TUFLOW only models in the near future.

Visit CH2M’s events page ( for further information about training courses and technical webinars.