DENVER — For the fifth consecutive year CH2M HILL has exceeded its internal Environmental Management System (EMS) goals.

CH2M HILL’s 2009 EMS program focused on three areas of environmental stewardship — material use and recycling, energy efficiency, and business travel and transportation. The top three 2009 accomplishments are reduced energy use at the Denver headquarters by 11 percent, increased the number of teleworkers by 36 percent, and used 40 metric tons less paper than in 2008.

At the firm’s local offices, plastic water bottles were eliminated, durable dinnerware was promoted, and double-sided printing was set as a default. The firm continues to promote electronic delivery of client deliverables and to enhance environmental criteria for new and renewed agreements.

“Our biggest ambition for 2010 is to move beyond our North American office footprint,” said Joseph Danko, CH2M HILL’s sustainable solutions director. “Our largest impact on the built world is through the projects we plan, engineer, build and operate. Incorporating sustainable solutions in our work dramatically reduces the environmental impact”

In 2010, the company is developing an approach that will enable it to quantify the reduced impacts of CH2M HILL’s sustainably designed, constructed and operated facilities.

“We also want to reduce impacts by procuring environmentally preferable direct products and services in alignment with client’s requirements,” said Danko. “In 2010, we are developing a supply chain sustainable strategy and direct procurement work instructions. With several billion dollars in direct procurement per year, becoming a market leader in the selection of more sustainable materials, equipment and services will have a tremendous impact on the built world.”

The company said the goals for 2010 include decreasing paper usage by an additional 10 percent, establishing environmental criteria for 95 percent of strategic purchasing agreements, reducing leased office space by 5 percent and offsetting the carbon footprint of North American facilities energy use by 20 percent.

For more information about CH2M HILL’s sustainable solutions and to view the 2009 CH2M HILL Sustainability Report, please visit