DENVER — CH2M HILL has published its Sustainability Report 2013, the company’s sixth sustainability report since 2005. As one of the first engineering and construction companies to publish a sustainability report and launch an internal environmental management system that follows ISO 14001 guidelines, CH2M HILL has been recognized as a leader by Verdantix, an independent analyst firm focused on sustainable business issues, in sustainability consulting in 2013, environmental services in 2012, sustainable engineering in 2010, and climate change consulting in 2009.

CH2M HILL’s report, its third produced entirely online, documents the firm’s key measurement and improvement areas:
•Reduced paper consumption by 9 percent as compared to revenue
•Recycled 70,169 pounds of e-waste, 3,436 pounds of batteries, and 6,500 writing instruments
•Purchased $557,000 in recycled-content office products, 38 percent of total office supplies
•Increased teleworkers by 24 percent
•Increased spend with suppliers that have sustainability criteria in place by $16.9 million
•Helped clients treat 74.95 billion gallons of wastewater and reuse 9.9 billion gallons of effluent
•Decreased total overhead air travel by 6 percent while growing our business
•Reduced carbon footprint by 3 percent and offset 22 percent of our emissions by purchasing carbon offsets and renewable energy credits

“Our clients expect us to provide innovative, cost effective, and comprehensive solutions and technologies that will help them become stronger environmental stewards, while our employees are committed to doing the same with our internal operations,” says CH2M HILL CEO Lee McIntire. “We are proud of our sustainability leadership in the industry.”

Reflecting the company’s expanded focus on water, energy, and climate change issues, the report contains the following highlights:
•CH2M HILL’s sustainability programs around the world
•Profiles and commitments of some of CH2M HILL’s sustainability leaders
•Water conservation strategies for clients
•Carbon emissions and energy use inventory
•Stories about CH2M HILL’s partnerships with communities around the world
•Awards received for sustainability leadership, safety, and diversity
•Information about CH2M HILL’s supply chain management

By measuring and reporting on its own sustainability metrics, CH2M HILL actively participates in the United Nations Global Compact. CH2M HILL’s Sustainable Solutions Web site ( offers more information about the company’s work to help its clients’ organizations to become more sustainable.