BALI, INDONESIA—CH2M HILL led the World Business Council for Sustainable Development Delegation at the United Nations’ Climate Change Conference in Bali, Indonesia, in early December. Jan Dell, CH2M HILL vice president in the firm’s Energy Client Group, is a co-chair of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development Delegation Adaptation Workstream and led a group of member companies from a range of global energy and industrial sectors.

"World Business Council for Sustainable Development member companies recognize that, in parallel with emission reduction efforts, there are three key roles for business to contribute to adaptation solutions: within their own operations and supply chains, in coordination with their surrounding communities, and in collaboration with the global community," said Dell.
To promote discussion, understanding, and collaboration on the third and most complex aspect of global adaptation, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development is led a discussion on collaborative adaptation actions with the global community. A diverse group of stakeholders with an interest in identifying and promoting collaborative actions participated.

According to CH2M HILL, adaptation to climate change is increasingly important to all of its clients. In the Energy Client Group, CH2M HILL has been working with oil and gas clients to expand their product portfolio to include low-carbon fuels, and to design their facilities for resilience to extreme weather events. The firm’s Water Business Group has been working with a growing number of forward-looking clients to assess their long-term supply options and overall water management in the face of climate change uncertainty and other sources of extreme events.

Kathy Freas, CH2M HILL’s water resources director and leader of the adaptation effort said, "Global climate change uncertainty, population growth, and inadequate or poorly conceived infrastructure are fundamental conditions that are escalating global water crises and driving increased conflict over water."

More information on the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and initiatives on adaptation to and mitigation of climate change are available online at

Source: CH2M Hill